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All the Comforts of Home!

If you enjoy camping, tailgating, or just plain hanging in the back of your truck, then we have something for you. The Gaylord’s California cruiser kit is not only an amazing looking carpeted bedliner, but also durable and super comfortable. 7 pieces come together in clean fashion to make up the kit, the floor being easily removable to load bikes, quads or anything else you feel might be harmful to the carpet. You can also pull all pieces out and for cleaning without damaging it. The California cruiser kit is charcoal grey in color and match the headliner on the lid for a nice custom look to any truck! With a no damage Velcro in installation you never have to worry about the kit damaging your truck bed, new or classic truck. We can even make these for El Caminos !If you really want CUSTOM COMFORT look into our sofa bed which starts as a seat and folds into a bed! Making camping a breeze. and even the perfect set up for a nice nap after a few to many at the baseball game! Ask for more info on a cruiser kit or sofa bed today!


Proposition 65 Warning


Upholstered/Carpeted Bed Liner

1. Covers entire truck bed
2. Velcro installation for individual pieces
3. Vinyl boot for tailgate seal

Upholstered Sofa Bed

1. Filled with thick automotive foam for comfort
2. Upright it provides for comfortable seating & Folded down, it converts into a bed
3. Drink holders built into arm rests

How It’s Done

Made from automotive fade and mildew resistant carpet. No tools are needed to install. Only Available in Variegated Charcoal.

WARNING: Sofa bed does not meet D.O.T. approval for passenger seating while vehicle is in motion. D.O.T. approved seat belt restraints should be installed for proper passenger safety while vehicle is in motion.

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