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Butterfly Lid

(New Style Adj X-Bars & Old Style Screw-Clamp- 2 Pages)



El Caminos & Rancheros

(GIS-06- 5 Pages)




(GIS-15 -3 Pages)



Tool Box Lid

(4 Pages)



TL Series Lid

(Multiple Makes and Models- 4 Pages)



TL Series Lid at Home Lid Adjustment

(1 Page)



Traditional Lid- Type 1 Exposed Hinge

(Type 1 GIS-11 -4 Pages)



Traditional  Lid- Type 2 Hidden Hinge

(GIS-12A – 4 Pages)


OG Tacoma 

(2 Page)

Vehicle Paint Code Locations

Paint codes are usually located in the driver side door jam. If you do not find your paint code in the door jam, we recommend you look in the following areas: in the glove box, under the hood, in the trunk or even under the spare tire cover.

Vehicle Paint Code Location
Chevrolet / GMC Located on the inside lid of the glove box.
Dodge Located either under the hood or on the door jam of the driver side door.
Ford Located on the door jam of the driver side door. The paint code is directly above the word “exterior paint”.
Nissan Located on the firewall.
Toyota Located on the door jam of the driver side door following the C/TR.


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